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Powerful Diagramming Tools

Architexa allows you to build diagrams quickly from your code. With an easy-to-use and powerful UI you can create code diagrams that make sense.

We provide support to easily create the most common types of diagrams created today; layered, class and sequence diagrams.

See High-level Overviews Quickly Work with Multiple Pieces of Code Easily Examine Detailed Code Behavior
Gain mile-high views of your code by using layered architectural diagrams created by a single click. Learn more Benefit from seeing a class diagram of your code and all relevant relationships. Learn more Analyze logic easily by looking at control flow in sequence diagrams. Learn more

Layered Diagrams

  • View high level code organization
  • Examine code dependencies
  • Detect code cycles quickly

Class Diagrams

  • View comprehensive architecture
  • Understand class interctions
  • Conquer open tabs

Sequence Diagrams

  • Examine nitty-gritty code details
  • Understand detailed logic flow
  • Debug easily

IDE Integration

  • Real-time code analysis
  • Linked exploration
  • Open diagrams from any Eclipse view


  • Effortless sharing
  • Create groups to share with
  • Share by email


  • Add JavaDoc comments to diagrams
  • See related diagrams
  • Track changes to diagrams

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