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Reducing communication overhead among developers is one the main challenges any project team faces. A quick an easy way to communicate your ideas is creating diagrams and sharing it with team members. Architexa lets you share diagrams with a single click from inside your IDE. You can also find and view any existing diagram with equal ease.

Effortless sharing

Architexa makes sharing really easy by storing generated diagrams on a secure server. These diagrams can be accessed from any location. Sharing diagrams helps developers to learn unfamiliar aspects of the code and makes it easy to have discussions about code when you have diagrams as the baseline to start the conversation!

Create groups to share with

Having difficulties in sharing the code highlights with different team members? Architexa allows you to create groups on its server for sharing diagrams. This makes it much easier to share diagrams with different teams so that they can access the documents whenever they want.

Share by email

You can directly share your diagrams by email in addition to uploading server. Architexa provides you to maintain a contact address book so that you can share diagrams with multiple people at once.

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