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Making sense of code is difficult for developers working with a new project, a new library, or even code written six months ago.

Use Architexa to dynamically create diagrams, explore unfamiliar code, and realize dependencies, relationships, interactions, and behavior within a codebase. Without a thorough understanding of the code, software quality can quickly deteriorate. This is often the case with large teams or teams with a high developer turnover rate.

Trouble finding a starting point in a large codebase? Working with a new project?
Open projects, packages, and jars in a layered diagram. Large codebases with a complicated hierachy and many dependencies can be understood much faster with Architexa's interactive layered diagrams. Explore dependencies and hierarchies in class diagrams. Understanding method calls, relationships, and inheritance in an unfamiliar codebase can be less painful when utilizing class diagrams.

Wasting time deciphering complex code?
Investigate complex logic using sequence diagrams. Complex and confusing code is much easier to understand when viewed as a dynamic sequence diagram.

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