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Maintaining a large project can be a difficult task even for the most experienced programmer. Adding features and fixing bugs is especially challenging when documentation is out of date. Keeping documentation updated easily becomes a full time job for Agile teams. Architexa provides many solutions to these problems.

Trouble keeping diagrams/documentation updated? Problems Investigating the cause of bugs?
Easily track shared diagrams and update them as changes to the code are made. Documentation is easier to keep updated when combining our simple to create diagrams with our server based versioning and sharing functionality. Without updated diagrams your code quality and architecture will begin to deteriorate. Open stack traces in a sequence diagram to uncover the cause of bugs. Stack trace diagrams not only help find the cause of bugs, but can also be shared with others to prevent reoccurring problems. Some bugs require following multiple sections of code simultaneously; without a visual tool to help, this can be very difficult.

Developers having difficulty communicating architectural concepts?
Use Layered diagrams to share achitectural concepts between developers. If collaboration and discussion is hampered by distance, language, or comphrenshion, time is often wasted due to miscommunications and mistakes. Layered diagrams combined with easy sharing allow developers to maintain consistent and high quality documentation by communicating effortlessly.

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