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Tackling Development Challenges with Architexa

As software projects get larger, grow more complex, and have users demanding for increased Agility for team members, Architexa provides developers a tool suite designed to help them easily get a single consistent view of their code.

Code Quality due to Code Visibility

One of the most important causes of code quality deterioration in most projects is lack of code visibility. Architexa provides a deep and precise view into your code by easily letting users interact with graphical representations of your code. Learn More

Development in Distributed Teams

As teams are getting increasingly distributed, collaborations needs among teams is rapidly increasing. Beyond easily communicating across the team, issues like security and auditing, need to be addressed for development projects. Architexa provides development teams with a platform for reducing the communication overhead and improving the success of distributed development. Learn More

Maintaining Architecture in Agile Projects

Architecture of projects using Agile development often suffers as module boundaries loose their definition over time. This architectural erosion results in the lack of component reusing, excessive code duplication and difficulty of using the shared components. By providing UML diagrams built straight from the code, Architexa provides a solution for teams struggling with being agile and maintaining a consistent architecture. Learn More

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