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Rich Source Exploration

Architexa's approach provides tools that allow developers to richly explore their source code. Rich Source Exploration helps programmers intuitively understand code.

Developers can create diagrams that are familiar and specific to their tasks. This offers many useful scenarios to the user:

  • Interactively explore new code through high-level and detailed structural views.
  • See multiple classes, methods, and fields in one place.
  • Simplify code reviews through shared design diagrams.
  • Speed-up the ramping of new programmers.
  • Quickly comprehend logic by following relations and control flow in a diagram.
  • Re-architect your code and confirm the correct design in a diagram.

Architexa's Rich Source Exploration Tool Suite is the first suite to:

  • let you create intuitive diagrams straight from the code, helping you understand fast. Create a layered diagram to get a mile-high view of the project architecture, use a class diagram to understand the interactions between the classes, and follow the control flow or analyze logic at a fine-grained level using a sequence diagram.
  • deeply integrate with the IDE to create diagrams. IDEs are an integral part of any developer's work, and Architexa lets developers create diagrams from the stack trace, from open java editor tabs, or from a project's uncommitted changes.
  • let you easily control what to show in the diagram. Diagrams created by UML tools can easily get overwhelming. Architexa helps to manage these diagrams.
    - Remove or add components to the diagram with ease.
    - Don't want that conditional block? collapse it!
    - Don't need the package/class? delete it!
  • share code concepts with just a single-click. Architexa allows developers to create a diagram and share it with teammates sitting across the hall or across the globe by using the one-click upload feature.

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