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Labs - Code Understanding via Exploratory Tools

At Architexa, our focus on helping developers make sense of code has shown the power of diagrammatic exploration tools. We have been exploring a number of these ideas in our labs.

  • Relo was originally inspired by the MFC Class Hierarchy Diagram, which was used to develop prototypes for work on the Microsoft Office codebase. It was then developed at MIT CSAIL and has since been significantly updated by Architexa.
  • Strata was originally developed at Accenture Research. It has since been refined at MIT CSAIL and been re-implemented by Architexa.
  • Chrono was originated and developed by Architexa.

Relo, Chrono, and Strata are currently available in beta. Contact us for further information.

1. Relo: Code Relationships via Class Diagrams

2. Strata: Code Architectures via Layered Diagrams

3. Chrono: Behaviors in Complex Software via Sequence Diagrams

Labs - Frameworks

Work done on the graphical tooling for the web would not be possible without the assistance of the SWT team at IBM and EclipseSource.

Most of GEF's functionaly is available on the web. It took less than 8 hours to get a full-fledged GEF app running on the web. For details on the current challenges see here.

4. GEF.e4: Bringing Graphical Apps to the Web

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