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Our Affiliations

We support organizations working to help improve developers' lives. The Eclipse Foundation, the International Association of Software Architects, and the Agile Alliance have done a great job of increasing the visibility of ideas that we deeply care about - and we are proud of our association to them.

The Eclipse Project was created by IBM in November 2001 and subsequently moved to a non-profit foundation. Eclipse has since gained significant industry adoption to become the IDE of choice for most Java developers and has become a platform for multiple companies to collaborate and innovate. Companies that currently build IDEs on top of Eclipse include Adobe, Aptana, Borland, Emarcadero, IBM, SAP, and Zend.

At Architexa, we are an active contributor to the Eclipse community. We have spoken at EclipseCon since 2007 and are contributors to the next generation Eclipse platform (e4).

Agile Software Devleopment is an approach that emphasizes working software, customer involvement, and responding to change while deemphasizing processes. At Architexa, we are a strong proponent of Agile development methodologies and are members of the Agile Alliance. We are proud to be leading the innovation of Agile tooling in helping software developers capture, communicate, and collaborate with design artifacts.

A clear software architecture can help developers and team members have a coherent view of their project. The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) focuses on the advancements of such best practices to IT Architects around the world. At Architexa, our vision of helping developers gain an understanding of the software architecture serves the same purpose - helping software architects.

Our Awards

The MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition is one of the premier business plan competitions, with a goal of helping filter and refine great ideas, and connecting them to the startup talent in the MIT community to help produce tomorrow’s leading firms.

Being semi-finalists <2007> in this business plan competition provided us with the validation to put all our effort into making this company succeed.

MassChallenge is a global competition seeking to find ventures making a big impact. The competition helps build great companies by connecting teams to resources to increase success and growth for the ventures.

We are proud to have been selected as a finalist out of more than 500 companies. This achievement has presented us with the opportunity to meet many experienced mentors, and has connect4ed us to the needs of development teams in the industry
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