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Vineet Sinha (Blog Posts)
Vineet is a founder and the CTO of Architexa. He focuses on building prototypes, and ensuring rapid product iterations to meet customers needs. In addition, Vineet mentors the development team, manages the central architecture of the product line, resolves performance challenges, and integrates different systems.

Vineet is a passionate coder, vocal proponent of Agile, and dedicated tool builder. He has spent the last ten years helping users understand and work with large codebases. This work is motivated by his own experiences working on projects at Microsoft, Accenture Technology Labs, and Motorola. Vineet received his PhD at MIT CSAIL, where his work focused on building intuitive user interfaces powered by sophisticated algorithms.
Christopher Deschenes (Blog Posts)
Christopher is a founder of Architexa, and has over two decades of experience in bringing technical products to users. Christopher spearheads the growth of our marketing and sales initiatives. He focuses on building our user community, and collects user feedback to help refine the Architexa product.

Previously, Christopher has been CTO of Tambora, VP Product Management at CADNexus, and founder of Entrasoft, a management consulting firm for technical software companies. Chris has software development expertise in C/C++, Corba, Java, Python, Matlab, PHP, distributed systems, and eCommerce, and has built commercial iOS and Android apps. He also has keen interests in machine learning and applications of AI.


Ken Rugg
Ken was the senior vice president and business unit general manager at Progress Software and a member of the Progress Executive Team. During his time with Progress, he was responsible for leading a combination of sales, services, marketing, product strategy and development for many of Progress’ enterprise software products. Ken joined Progress as a result of its 2002 acquisition of eXcelon Corporation, the maker of ObjectStore®, where he served as chief technology officer and vice president of product development. In his 10 years at eXcelon, he served in leadership roles ranging from technical support and education to documentation, QA and product development. Under his technical leadership, eXcelon established its position as the leader in XML database and XML integration technologies, while maintaining its dominant position in the object database market.

Ken is currently the C.E.O. of ParElastic, which he co-founded.

Jean Hammond
Jean is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the high-tech industry. She founded Quarry Technologies with a team from the GTE Internetworking / BBN Technologies SuperRouter project and served as startup CEO and a member of the Board of Directors. Jean co-founded AXON Networks, a developer of network management applications, and following 3Coms acquisition of AXON, she was responsible for 3Com's WAN strategy. Jean currently consults to and invests in early stage high tech start-ups. An active investor, she adds market research and product management staffing when needed to fully assess the opportunity. Jean holds a B.S. from Boston University and an M.S. from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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