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The Company

Architexa is an MIT spin-off formed in Summer 2007. We are based in Cambridge, Mass. and are a small driven team of programmers who believe that better tools can make it easier to grasp code.

Our experience with building software engineering analysis tools has highlighted to us the need for building intuitive tools for software developers and applying both artificial intelligence and information retrieval (search) techniques in the background.

We built our first tool in 2000 when working for Microsoft's large Office Suite. After building prototypes for providing a view into detailed structural elements in code and working with a few teams, our approach was refined as part of a PhD dissertation at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligent Lab.

We have since worked for Accenture Research Labs to provide high-level views of code with great success. More recently Architexa has worked for Progress Software to help build graphical tooling for Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Specific case-studies of our work on these projects is available - please e-mail us at for them.


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