Architexa Toolsuite is Now Available for Free

At Architexa we have been working very hard to help developers examine code and its architecture. In expanding this effort, effective immediately, the Architexa tool suite is available for free.

Architexa has always wanted to make it easy for us developers to benefit from diagrams when looking at code. As part of doing that the powerful Architexa suite helps us take advantage of diagrams instead of forcing diagrams on them. Architexa is the first tool suite to let us create intuitive diagrams straight from the code, to let us easily control what to see in diagrams, and, the first to easily let us share code concepts with just a single-click.

With a growing set of marquis customers, we want access to Architexa to be as friction-free as possible.  We are making an edition free for individuals to use. We expect that as developers use the suite in larger teams that they will want to pay us for additional features.

We are continually inspired by developers’ near maniacal focus on beautiful code and elegant solutions.  We at Architexa want to help. We hope to help developers have even more time to build beautiful applications.

Because we identify with these folks and really want to help them to make the world a better place, we’ve decided to make our state-of-art diagramming tool available for free.  The Architexa diagramming tool that is saving our users ½ day per week on average is available for free for individuals and for teams of up to three developers.

In a nutshell, the Architexa suite saves developers significant time and enables a deeper understanding of their code by allowing them to visually navigate their code, view class relationships, and generate sequence diagrams.  With Architexa you can view automatically generated layered architectural diagrams made straight from your code in seconds.
Give us your Feedback and Win an iPAD

As part of making the Architexa Suite available to a much larger community of users, we are running a contest. Try out Architexa, and let us know your thoughts.  See details about the raffle here.

You can download Architexa by clicking here: Download Architexa

4 thoughts on “Architexa Toolsuite is Now Available for Free

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  3. Sequence Diagram The overrides line between interface and implementation are not visible at all times. Please make this as permanent line and change the color so that some one knows this is an overridden method.
    Sequence Diagram The method names are overlapping. To avoid this, the boxes (Class / Interface) at the top should allow the developers to manually space it out. At present it is not happening.

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